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Employers and insurance companies will always try to minimize and deny you your paid benefits in case you got injured on the job. They will always claim that your injuries are less severe or occurred outside the realm of employment. To ensure that you are accorded fair treatment in this situation and offered the benefits you deserve, you should obtain a workers’ compensation lawyer. Read through this post to learn the benefits of hiring a workers’ comp lawyer.

Obtain Maximum Benefits

Never assume that the employer will do what is right. Typically, your employer has little or no say in your compensation or treatment. The employer’s insurance company will hire nurses and adjusters to handle your case. These people must get you well so that you resume your tasks, irrespective of whether you have fully recovered or not. Therefore, an experienced personal injury lawyer must get workers back to a fully functional life with maximum benefits. You may be awarded more cash, even after settling the legal fees.

Working with the insurance company is a considerable risk. Protect yourself with information on your rights. 

In reality, it can be a devastating experience or even intimidating to try to navigate the worker’s compensation system on your own. Even if you report what happened promptly and do everything correctly after an on-the-job injury, you may be unfairly denied your benefits or work to minimize your claims.

Your workers’ compensation insurance firm will hire the best defense work injury lawyer to not only defend them against your work comp but also against you. Their workers’ compensation defense injury attorneys and adjusters are vastly experienced and will only run circles against you. A workers compensation lawyer who is experienced and only represents injured employees, and accident victims will make sure you receive the best treatment and get entire work comp claims if you get injured on the job.

If you need an experienced workers comp lawyer, Joe I. Zaid & Associates will assist you with choosing the right injury doctor. We will also negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurance company and represent you at the comp appeal board. Many workers comp cases are usually settled before trial. A reputable workers comp attorney will grant you the workers’ compensation claim you deserve. If your case goes to trial, you will need an attorney familiar with court proceedings and with several years of workers comp trial experience. It is not recommended to represent yourself unless you have many years of experience and knowledge of workers’ comp trials.

Beware of Insurance Companies

All insurance companies follow specific basic profit models. They collect huge premiums from your employer and pay you as low as possible. To corroborate insurance companies’ claims, the insurance doctor may tell you that your injury or illness is pre-existing, you are born with the problem or part of the aging process. They may also provide any other excuses to make sure that you are at fault for your work injury. If the insurance doctor reported that your injury is not related to your work, you would not get any benefits. You need to face such a startling reality if you do not hire highly experienced and efficient compensation lawyers.

Benefits of Having  a Workers Compensation Attorney

If you are an employee and have been injured on the job, you are entitled to recover compensation for the injuries suffered. Never attempt to handle a comp case alone. It would be best to contact a workers’ compensation attorney to handle your workers’ compensation claim.

If you have been injured at work in Texas, you may need the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer. You may be worried about many things, such as the cost of hiring a worker’s compensation attorney, the details, etc. However, it is essential to hire a lawyer immediately after a work injury. An experienced attorney can protect your legal rights and benefits. Besides, an attorney can also protect you from harassment followed by an injury. The workers’ compensation insurance company has defense attorneys to defend against your claim. These attorneys are highly efficient and experienced. If you do not have an equally efficient attorney to protect your side, you will not get the right benefits.

Hiring a workers compensation attorney will grant you these benefits:

  • You will get the benefits that you are owed.
  • They will help you to get a more extensive workers’ compensation settlement
  • Protect your entitlement benefits and legal rights
  • Ensure that you get appropriate medical support to get workers comp benefits
  • Challenge adverse medical exam report
  • Deal with your employer and insurer so that you can recover

If you have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, they can help you select the right work injury doctor. The attorney will also negotiate with the insurance company and represent you before the court in the best possible way. However, most of these cases settle before trial. If the case goes to trial, you must hire an attorney familiar with the court and have years of experience handling workers’ compensation trials. 

When You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible if:

  • Your workplace injury is severe and requires surgery to recover from it
  • The injuries are moderate to severe
  • You and your doctor believe that your injury may leave you partially disabled. 
  • You think that you are not able to work regularly
  • You think that you are not getting the correct benefits
  • Your medical benefits are denied
  • Do not understand workers compensation process

It would be best to do extensive research to find the best workers’ compensation attorney in your area. You can ask co-workers, family members, and friends to recommend the best attorneys. You can also find an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer online, which is also highly helpful. Associations specific to workers comp law, state and local bar associations also offer referral services. The internet will also provide you with information regarding workers’ compensation attorneys, including their reviews and rating. Once you select the lawyer, you must ask them about their experience, fees, etc. Meet a few attorneys directly and choose one based on comfort level and satisfaction.

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