Rachel Paez

Office Assistant

Rachel Paez grew up with her father and two sisters in Spring and Huffman Tx. At an early age Rachel learned responsibility at an early age when she would care for her father who was an amputee in both of his legs and her two younger sisters by cooking and cleaning. Growing up Rachel had a passion for helping others and because of that she wanted to become a police officer and eventually become a detective. She loved watching Cops and America’s Most Wanted every Saturday night! As an adult Rachel still finds true crime documentaries interesting

Even though Rachel didn’t pursue her childhood career she has been given the opportunity to pursue the legal field by beginning her new career as a legal assistant at the law office of Joe I. Zaid & Associates. Rachel has gained endless amount of knowledge within her first year as a legal assistant and knows that it is just the beginning! Rachel continues to pursue her passion of helping others in anyway possible. Rachel is extremely grateful for have been given the opportunity to pursue a career that she enjoys doing and looks forward to many more years of growth and opportunities!

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