Eric Esqueda

Intake Specialist

Eric Esqueda’s journey began in Edmonson, TX, where he spent his formative years until his family relocated to Houston when he was 15. At just 17, Eric enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving as an “electro-optical ordnance repairman.” He was deployed with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit from 2010 to 2011. After his honorable discharge in 2012, Eric set his sights on a career in psychology.

However, in 2017, Eric had a change of heart. Dissatisfied with the path he was on, he sought advice from a friend about pursuing a legal career. Encouraged by their response, Eric made the leap, and the decision proved to be transformative. Today, he is thrilled to be part of a team that prioritizes efficiency and exceptional customer service, allowing him to make a meaningful impact on his community.

Outside of work, Eric enjoys indulging in his passions. Whether he’s honing his skills in fighting video games, crafting poetry, or lending a helping hand to his nieces and nephew, Eric embraces each moment with enthusiasm. He also harbors a desire to rekindle his expertise in soldering, aspiring to revive old electronics in his spare time.

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