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Coffee table injuries depends on the facts of the case. The jury’s verdict depends on what caused the injury and who should be held responsible for the damages. Plaintiffs may be awarded damages if they can prove the injuries occurred during the table use or if the table’s manufacturer failed to warn of its risks.


Stella McDonald sued McDonald’s for injury caused by an overly-hot coffee. She was served the coffee at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat can burn a person’s throat and mouth, resulting in third-degree burns.

The case went to trial, and a jury quickly decided that McDonald’s was liable. The jury awarded $200,000 for her injuries and $2.7 million in punitive damages, intended to send a message to the company responsible for the incident.

The lawsuit claims that McDonald’s has a legal responsibility to ensure a safe environment for workers. However, this case highlights the difficulty of holding large corporations accountable for workplace injuries. In March 2013, a plaintiff from California claimed that she was injured on a coffee table because her manager didn’t pay her overtime wages in 2009.

The McDonald’s lawsuit was highly publicized in the media. Although the company was repeatedly warned about its practices, it ignored warnings and endangered people’s health. After losing the case in a jury trial, the restaurant appealed the verdict, and the older woman, who was left with a severely disfigured hand, received minimal money. This case was documented in a documentary called Hot Coffee.

According to Liebeck, McDonald’s coffee causes second-degree burns on bare skin. She had to spend more than $11,000 on her medical expenses, but McDonald’s offered only $800. After the settlement, Liebeck hired an attorney to fight the case.


Injuries from a faulty coffee table can be life-threatening. According to a study by Rutgers University, faulty tables’ glass can shatter into large shards when bumped up against or even fallen into. The authors of the study recommend stricter federal regulations to protect consumers.

The question of who is responsible for preventing coffee table injuries is tricky. In some cases, the injuries are preventable, while in others, they are not. It’s always best to ask a manufacturer to check the product’s safety before you buy it, especially if you have small children.

Repetitive motions

Many workers suffer repetitive motion injuries regularly. These injuries typically occur when a person uses the same muscle group repeatedly. Examples of these injuries include typing on a keyboard, working on an assembly line, and lifting heavy boxes. Workers can also suffer from these injuries if their work requires them to repeatedly bend or reach at certain angles.

Repetitive motion injuries result in numbness, weakness, and pain and may require medical attention. They often develop gradually over time and can result in long-term problems. Repetitive motion injuries are common in sports and account for nearly half of all sports-related injuries.

Public policy

Coffee tables are a common source of injury and even death, especially the glass variety. According to scientists from Rutgers University, about 2.5 million people suffer injuries from these tables each year. Most of these injuries occur when a person falls on them or breaks through them. Some of these accidents even require surgery. The researchers call for new laws and safety campaigns to protect consumers.

Foam bumpers

Kids are constantly bumping into things, and this includes coffee tables. Even though these accidents can be frightening, they are relatively routine, according to Dr. Joan Bregstein, a pediatric emergency room physician. Fortunately, most injuries are not severe, and they are not star-shaped. However, the type of scarring can be challenging to predict. It depends on the child’s genetic makeup and sustained damage level.

Foam corner bumpers can help prevent falls and other unnecessary injuries. However, you must make sure they are correctly installed. If they fall off, they can pose a choking hazard to small children. To prevent this from happening, you should double-check all corner bumpers before letting them go.

Before Contacting a Coffee Table Injury Attorney

Before you choose an attorney to represent you in your case, you should first understand how the legal system works. While you can contact someone you know for a referral, you must realize that your case is likely different from theirs, and their reputation is not a guarantee of success. Before you hire a coffee table injury attorney, you should do your research to find out how their firm performs in these areas.

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