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Insurance adjusters are trained to lie, and many are paid to do so. For example, an adjuster may tell you that the other driver is covered up to $15,000 for property damage, but this is not true. This is just a tactic the adjuster uses to confuse the injured party and prevent them from filing a lawsuit. They may also try to put 50 percent of the blame on you, even though you have suffered more severe injuries than the other party did.

Don’t let the insurance adjuster take advantage of you. Contact a knowledgeable car accident attorney to fight for your justice. Below are examples of tactics insurance companies use after a victim suffers an injury in a car accident. These tricks are designed to make you believe that you are not entitled to compensation.

The Insurance Company Will Tell You Many Lies After Your Auto Accident – But How to Spot Them!

It is essential to understand that insurance adjusters are allowed to lie, and many are encouraged to do so. For example, they might claim the other driver was not at fault for the accident and that the insurance company could not reach the other driver for weeks. Then they might say they are still investigating the accident even two months after it happened. Some adjusters will also put 50 percent of the blame on the victims of an accident when the injuries are much more severe.

The Insurance Company Will Try to Pressure You Into Accepting a Low-Ball Offer

After your accident, the insurance adjuster will try to pressure you into accepting a low-ball settlement offer and may say things like, “this is our best offer.” It is a common mistake to accept an offer without knowing the full extent of your injuries. Moreover, if you didn’t go to the emergency room immediately after the accident, the insurance company might try to claim that your injuries were preexisting. Remember, anything you say can be used against you, so don’t sign a settlement offer until thoroughly evaluating your long-term prognosis.

Insurance Companies Will Ask You For a Recorded Statement

Your insurance company may ask you to provide a recorded statement about the accident. This is against your policy and may hurt your chances of recovering damages. It is best to hire a lawyer to fight the insurance company on your behalf. This will ensure that the insurance adjuster will be honest and fair. Furthermore, you will be able to get the settlement you deserve with the help of your car accident attorney!

The Most Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use

There are many tactics insurance companies use to get out of paying a victim of a car accident. Usually, these tactics are intended to discourage a victim from making a claim.

The most common ones include:

  • Delaying a claim
  • Denying the claim
  • Defending against it

The company tries to frustrate the claimant and delay the process by allowing evidence to deteriorate.

Often, insurance companies make claims more difficult by scaring a person into accepting a lesser amount. Using shame as an argument is one of the most common strategies used by insurance companies to avoid paying accident victims. Usually, the insurance company will make the claimant feel guilty for claiming. This tactic aims to get the victim to accept a lower settlement offer before hiring a lawyer.

Insurance Companies Will Try to Convince You to Settle Quickly

When an injury claim is filed, insurance companies often contact injured plaintiffs. They usually try to convince a victim to settle the case quickly by appealing to their emotions. They will pretend that they are concerned about the victim’s well-being or that they’re trying to help. While a fast settlement may seem like an excellent way to pay for your expenses quickly, it will be way less than you deserve to pay for all your damages. Ultimately, these agents’ primary objective is to avoid paying out the full amount of damages.

When you sign a release, you give up your right to fight back.

How Insurance Companies Deny Your Claim

It is crucial to understand how insurance companies work when denying your compensation claim. They will argue that your injury is not as bad as you claim and that it is not necessary to undergo treatment to recover from your injury. While they don’t have medical expertise, they are motivated by money and want to save money. Only you and your doctor know how serious your injuries are.

Insurance Companies Tactics to Delay Your Claim

If you have been injured in an accident, you may receive calls from the at-fault party’s insurance company. While these insurance adjusters may seem nice, their real motivation is to get as much money as possible without paying you a dime. They want to intimidate you and use your fear of the insurance company to your advantage. You should avoid answering these calls if you can. These are just some of the tricks insurance companies use to delay your claim and keep you from pursuing your legal rights.

Insurance Companies Ultimate Goal is to Deceive You

Although the agents may appear friendly, their ultimate goal is to deceive you. These agents will try to find any piece of information that they can use against you in court. The best way to avoid these calls is to ignore them and wait for them to stop.

Nickel and Dime The Medical Charges

Insurance companies are using tactics to make injured victims pay more. They will nickel and dime you on your medical charges by shaving off 5% of your claim.

We shouldn’t be surprised when we see these tactics from insurance companies. They are in the business of making money, not providing health care.

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