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Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys in Richmond, Texas, handles all kinds of injury claims.

Let our expertise speak for itself with over a decade of successful cases; our clients have received restitution for:

Our firm specializes in clients who’ve been injured in car accidents, including those resulting from multiple-car intersection collisions. Our attorneys also handle cases involving hit-and-run or drunk drivers, rear-end collisions, drivers distracted from cell phone use, uninsured or underinsured drivers, drivers going at excessive speeds, rollovers, commercial trucks, and motorcycle collisions. Furthermore, we represent clients who have been injured as pedestrians or due to faulty style of vehicles.

If you’re in an accident, you will likely suffer severe damages – physically, financially, and emotionally. The stress of physical injuries, along with the financial pressures involved with missed work and lost wages, the strain on your life and your relationships can become overwhelming. This is why whenever we defend our clients in court, we make sure that the judge sees the long-term effect this accident has had or will have on your life and the lives of one’s own members.

If you are confronted with the possibility of lifelong disability, you must be adequately compensated within the past, present, and future medical bills that are a result of your injury or accident. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can help make sure this occurs. We represent families who’ve suffered a catastrophic loss due to injury accidents and therefore are experienced in cases seeking manslaughter and benefits for survivors.

Beware of Insurance Adjusters

A personal injury attorney is an accident attorney that knows medical negligence claims and birth injuries, elderly care abuse, denial of insurance benefits, and cases involving neglect. We serve clients who’ve been injured in Richmond, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.

We know how insurance providers are only going to consider their best interests. With us on your side, you’ll be hiring lawyers who understand how to undertake the insurance companies and explore all of their potential sources for risk management in handling civil court claims. This means that we’ll sift through their policies to discover details regarding liability and insurance. We will also examine the at-fault driver’s business and private assets to find out how many of those assets are safe under the law in civil court claims and also to what extent the at-fault driver could be held financially liable.

We all know that you have a choice in whom to represent you, and we’ll work hard to show you why we’ve been rated one of the top injury lawyers in Houston for one reason and one reason alone – we all know ways to get money for you personally because we know what the law states. Don’t be fooled by the firms who promise you will get their full attention; however, you later find out they have assigned claims adjusters for your case. These claims adjusters aren’t attorneys, they aren’t legal experts, and they don’t know how to negotiate the entire dollar amount you deserve for the pain, suffering, and lost pay.

Why Choose Us?

Joe I . Zaid & Associates strive to make sure that your case is as painless as possible – from the moment you are available for the initial consultation to the day you leave the court with a judgment to your benefit. We realize that in times such as this, the minimal thing you want is additional stress. That’s why we take the pressure of the situation as much as we can and look for every possible way to get you the compensation you deserve.

There’s a reason we’ve been voted as one of the number one lawyers in Houston, Texas. We stay ahead of the competition because we have years of experience dealing with personal injury claims just like yours. Our customers are not just happy they chose us – they are often shocked at how much compensation we could win on their behalf.

Nobody understands the pain, suffering, stress, and distress that the injury or accident can cause to a family until you’ve seen it firsthand. We’ve seen it time after time with these clients – that’s why we know the entire extent of compensation you deserve for the potential long-term consequences of the accident. It would be best if you did not settle for what the insurance providers provide you with. With our personal injury attorneys by your side, you’ll be paid so much more! Contact us today at (346) 756-9243, and let us demonstrate how.

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