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Amazon warehouses, known for their fast-paced and high-demand environment, are facing increased scrutiny over worker safety as reports indicate that the rate of serious injuries at these facilities is more than double compared to other warehouses.

Despite the e-commerce giant’s efforts to bolster safety measures, recent data and studies suggest that the risks associated with working in Amazon warehouses remain a pressing concern.

Rising Injury Rates at Amazon Warehouses

According to a report released by the Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), a union coalition, the serious injury rate at Amazon warehouses stood at 6.6 per 100 workers in 2022. This figure starkly contrasts with the industry average of 3.2 serious injuries per 100 workers at non-Amazon facilities. The SOC’s findings, based on data Amazon submitted to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), have raised concerns about the true cost of Amazon’s operational efficiency.

The SOC report highlights that while Amazon’s serious injury rate saw a slight decrease from 2021 to 2022, the overall number of injuries reported by the company increased from 38,300 to 39,000 in the same period. Despite making up 36% of the warehouse industry’s workforce, Amazon was responsible for more than half of all serious injuries reported in the sector.

Amazon’s Response to Injury Reports

In response to these findings, an Amazon spokesperson stated that the SOC’s report “paint[s] an inaccurate picture” of the company’s commitment to worker safety. Amazon disputes the use of the term “serious injury rate,” arguing that it could include minor injuries that lead to employees taking time away from work or temporarily shifting to different roles.

Amazon has also pointed to its lost time incident rate, which it claims is below the industry average, as evidence of its safety record. The company has repeatedly emphasized that “the safety and health of our employees is, and always will be, our top priority.”

Worker Safety and Company Practices

The debate over Amazon’s workplace safety is not new. Labor advocates have long pointed to the company’s productivity demands and the strenuous nature of warehouse jobs as key factors behind the high injury rates. In response to these concerns, several states, including New YorkWashington, and California, have enacted legislation targeting Amazon’s work quotas.

Federal inspectors have also taken notice, with OSHA citing Amazon at several facilities for failing to report workplace injuries and exposing workers to ergonomic hazards. Notably, these citations followed inspections by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, indicating the seriousness of the issue.

In March last year, the state of Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries cited Amazon’s flagship facility in Kent, Washington, for unsafe work practices. The agency’s findings underscored that many Amazon jobs involve “repetitive motions, lifting, carrying, twisting, and other physical work” at a pace that “increases the risk of injury.”

External Studies and Surveys on Amazon Worker Injuries

Complementing the SOC report, a survey conducted by the University of Illinois Chicago’s Center for Urban Economic Development (CUED) found that nearly half of Amazon’s U.S. employees reported sustaining injuries on the job. Moreover, 69% of those injured workers had to take unpaid time off to recuperate from pain or exhaustion within the past month.

The CUED survey, which included responses from over 1,400 current Amazon workers, suggests that Amazon’s electronic system used to track productivity contributes to the pressure workers feel to work faster, thus increasing the likelihood of injuries and burnout.

Amazon has criticized the CUED survey’s methodology, with a spokesperson asserting that it is not a study but a survey with an “ulterior motive.” The company maintains that the data it publishes and submits to OSHA shows improvement in injury rates.

Measures Taken by Amazon to Address Safety Concerns

In its defense, Amazon has highlighted several measures it has taken to improve worker safety. The company has teamed up with the National Safety Council to develop best practices, introduced ergonomic equipment such as adjustable tables to minimize bending, and redesigned conveyors to reduce the need for reaching. Additionally, Amazon has been implementing robotic technologies to assist with package handling, aiming to decrease repetitive tasks that could lead to injuries.

Despite Amazon’s substantial investments in safety, including a plan to spend $550 million on safety initiatives in 2023, the concerns surrounding the well-being of its warehouse employees persist. The company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has acknowledged that while Amazon’s injury rates are “sometimes misunderstood,” there is still more that can be done to improve safety.

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, has also made bold commitments, pledging to make Amazon “Earth’s Best Employer” and “Earth’s Safest Place to Work.” Following this pledge, Amazon rolled out WorkingWell, a program designed to encourage stretching, healthy eating habits, and other injury-prevention measures.

Despite these initiatives, the reality for many workers on the warehouse floor remains challenging. The ongoing investigations by the Department of Justice and continued scrutiny from labor advocates and regulatory bodies suggest that the journey toward “Earth’s Safest Place to Work” is far from over.

The reports of high injury rates and the strenuous conditions at Amazon warehouses are not just statistics; they represent real people with real injuries that can have a lasting impact on their lives. If you or someone you know has been injured while working at an Amazon warehouse, it’s essential to understand that you have rights and options.

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