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An accident at home, work, on the road, or via a criminal act that causes a head injury can cause the victim and their close relative much pain. Statistics show that 85% of people who have suffered severe head injuries remain disabled even a year after their accidents. 

Statistics show the following for those who have suffered from minor head injuries: 

  • 59% suffer from memory problems
  • 79% suffer constant headaches, and 
  • 34% are unemployed

So if you or a loved one has suffered from a head injury for which another person is responsible, claiming brain injury compensation is the best option.

Suppose you are thinking about making a compensation head injury claim for yourself or a loved one. In that case, it is imperative to prove the injury was caused due to the negligence of another person. In other words, liability for the accidents via the at-fault person needs to be established. 

Compensation for a head injury tends to be higher than a personal injury claim. This is because a head injury can have life-changing consequences for the victim and their family. Some victims are lucky to have a full recovery, but many have to suffer life-long pain and suffering. 

A head injury victim may need to go through the following steps when recovering, but this depends on the severity of the victim’s condition.

  1. Physiotherapy: Services of a physiotherapist become necessary when the victim has physical problems such as poor coordination, weakness, and stiffness. To help the recovery process, a physiotherapist may use a variety of treatments; this can include hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise.
  2. Occupational therapy: The services of an occupational therapist will be required if the victim is finding it challenging to undertake everyday tasks. To help the victim with daily activities, he will provide the best practical support. Living as independently as possible is where they want to get the victim.
  3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Head injury victims may find it challenging to resume back to everyday lives. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help the victim change the way of thinking and aid in problem-solving. 
  4. Speech therapy: Victims have been known to suffer from speech problems after a head injury. Speech therapy is necessary to help the victim regain communication skills.
  5. Psychotherapy: To help deal with the issues and worries the victim may have after the accident.

What to Look For in a Head Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are amongst the most difficult to recover from. The brain heals slowly, and it is notoriously difficult to determine whether a head injury will cause long-term damage to a person’s health.

Because the impact a brain injury has on a person’s life is so significant, the amount of compensation awarded in these cases is relatively high. This means that the organization or person being sued will fight the case tooth and nail. Therefore, you need a reasonable attorney to fight this personal injury claim.

If you can, use an attorney who already has extensive experience dealing with head injury compensation claims. They know how the system works and how to secure the right level of compensation.

No win, No Fee

Look for a lawyer willing to take your case under a win no fee contract. When you are ill and unsure about your future and your ability to work, the last thing you need is high lawyer bills.

The best head injury attorneys will carry out a review of your case for free. They will look at the details of your accident, any witness accounts, and your medical records to determine the strength of your claim. If you have a strong enough case, they will take care of everything, including the court case, without charging you anything. They are only paid if they win your case, so they are very well motivated and will give you the best representation possible.

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A head injury can devastate a person, the family, and those around the victim. Damage to the brain can also appear non-serious while changing the victim’s life. Because of this, it can easily be misunderstood by others less informed on the brain. It should be kept in mind that a professional to contact in addition to the doctor is our head injury attorney.

This kind of trauma can result from different causes. There is physical trauma from an external source. This could range from a bump on the head that a toddler receives after a misstep, a car-totaling after a car accident that injures the brain, or a bullet wound to the head. Any damage that obstructs blood flow to the brain can affect brain function.

Another source of external brain damage is toxic exposure which often compromises the essential oxygenation of brain material. Pollutants like exhaust fumes or carbon monoxide, which do not have an odor, cannot be detected without a sensor. Some workplaces have such problems because fresh air cannot enter through windows. People tend to be unaware of the air quality that they breathe unless it is awful. Still, even over time, consequences exist of breathing low quality or low oxygen air.

Other brain injuries are internally caused by a burst aneurism, a stroke, or a cerebral hemorrhage. In these cases, brain tissue is damaged or destroyed by interrupting the nutrient-rich oxygenated blood flow due to a blood vessel rupture. A blockage is most often due to a blood clot or the bleeding of various sources in the brain.

The brain does far more than we have any awareness of. Deficits after damage can be subtle or very overt. They can involve forgetfulness, difficulty in problem-solving, personality change, and the ability to plan or categorize. Perception issues involve sight, hearing, sense of the body, musical ability, the ability to talk, understand language, find words, and walk or feel various parts of the body.

As so much brain damage is not visible, any loss of function should be addressed medically since a lot can be accomplished. When it is known that there is a liability, a specialist like a head injury lawyer ought to be contacted. The victim needs to know his rights and not wait too long to the point where the chance for legal remedies has expired. 

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