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Road traffic accidents are among the leading cause of deaths and injuries worldwide. The circumstances surrounding each accident are different and involve several unforeseen variables. Therefore, it is essential to enlist the services of a Deer Park personal injury attorney that is equipped to deal with any situation to get you the compensation you deserve. 

After being involved in a road traffic accident, seeking compensation for injuries sustained or damage to your motor vehicle may be overwhelming. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a road traffic accident, we could help you get the compensation you are due.

What Is Considered a Road Traffic Accident?

Road traffic accidents cover a variety of accidents involving motor vehicles.

These can include the following:

  • Accident involving one or more cars: A collision between two or more cars in which one or both parties received personal injuries or in which your vehicle was damaged.
  • Accident involving pedestrians: An incident in which a pedestrian was hit or a crash occurred to avoid hitting a pedestrian.
  • Accident involving a coach or a bus: A public transport accident from which you received personal injuries.
  • Accident involving a motorbike: An incident involving either a motorbike crash not involving other vehicles or a motorbike/vehicle collision.
  • Accident involving uninsured drivers: A situation in which you file a claim and find out that the other party involved is uninsured. 
  • Hit-and-run accidents: A situation in which the vehicle responsible for the accident hits a pedestrian or collides with another car or motorbike and flees the scene.
  • Accidents involving a fatality: A motor vehicle accident that results in one or more deaths.

Why Is It Important to Make a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

Injuries sustained by road traffic accidents range from death to severe physical impairments to less intense but impaired bone fractures. These conditions can be emotionally and physically traumatizing. The disability resulting from these injuries can involve expensive medical procedures, medications, and physical therapy sessions. On top of losing necessary physical abilities, individuals can face a future of financial instability. It is vital to hold the people responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions as you would have been a healthy, employed individual had this tragedy not occurred.

Grounds for Making a Car Accident Compensation Claim

You may make a car accident compensation claim if you sustained injuries from an accident involving any of the situations described above or if a loved one died due to a road traffic accident. It is crucial in this situation to keep any records obtained by medical personnel, hospital bills, medication costs, and the cost of damage to your vehicle. You must remember that although most claims involving an injury are valid, if you were responsible for your injury, your compensation claim would be weak. However, if you were obeying traffic regulations at the time of the accident and suffered from someone else’s neglect, you will receive fair compensation. If you are not sure whether or not you are qualified to make a car accident claim, contact us. We will be happy to look over your unique case and determine your likelihood of receiving compensation.

What Can You Do To Help Me?

Our law firm employs various professional individuals who are skilled in different areas of road traffic accidents. Our experts can look at your unique situation and plan out an effective compensation claim. We have helped hundreds of people who have sustained injuries from road traffic accidents obtain accident compensations. We are familiar with the compensation claims process and know strictly what to look for and who to contact to help you receive the due balance. We can help you prove your complete innocence to get you the maximum compensation for the injuries you sustained and the damage done to your vehicle.

Additionally, we can help you out in situations with a conflict of interest. Many people can get discouraged from appealing to their insurance company if the same provider covers the other party involved. In these cases, your best shot to get compensation is enlisting our services. We handle all kinds of situations, and we’re sure we can help you with yours.

Why Should I Choose Your Firm?

Unlike other road traffic accident compensation agencies, we can help you with any road traffic accident, and we cover any situation, even those involving uninsured drivers or hit-and-run situations that most companies do not cover. We have helped individuals with unique hit-and-run and uninsured cases get compensation. We employ various professionals who specialize in different areas of compensation claims involving a broad range of road traffic accident types.

Our clients are assigned a professional experienced in the area specific to their accident type. We’ve heard everything and successfully settled hundreds of claims to great satisfaction. Our clients enjoy total compensation without any cost to themselves. We also make sure that a medical physician thoroughly examines our clients and that an expert assesses their vehicle to determine the exact value of the compensation claim.

What Makes Us Different?

We are different from other accident claims law firms because we deal with everything. We are equipped to deal with all different types of road traffic accidents, even those not covered by your own insurance company. We have a staff of experienced professionals and a record of solid, reliable service.

Let us get you the compensation you need by calling Joe I. Zaid & Associates today at (346) 756-9243.

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