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Hit-and-run auto accidents are the most undesirable of all automobile collisions. Not only are you injured, but when the other driver runs away from the scene of the crash, that driver has committed a grave auto offense and made things more complicated for you. Here are several things you should understand after a hit-and-run accident.

Government statistics show that roughly 9 % to 12 % of all car accidents are hit-and-run vehicle mishaps, and it is a severe offense. It is a felony in 47 states. When a person is involved in a hit-and-run vehicle accident, they are required by law to exchange relevant information with the other parties involved.

According to Texas state law, the penalties for a hit and run could be as high as five years in state prison. 

Do Not Chase The Other Fleeing Driver

When you see the other motorist trying to run away from the scene of the crash, it may be tempting to chase after the other driver if you are uninjured and your vehicle is still running. This is a bad mistake! You are committing a crime if you also leave the mishap scene, and your emotions might cause you to drive carelessly and may cause another accident.

Plus, you have no way of knowing why the other driver is fleeing, and that might put you at additional risk. The other person could merely be trying to avoid responsibility for the crash. However, a more lethal reason is that the motorist might have their very own reasons to prevent contact with the police, such as having just committed a crime, having unlawful substances or weapons in the auto, or having an outstanding warrant for their arrest. You do not wish to face such a person! Leave the other driver to the authorities, and tend to your injuries.

Identify The Other Vehicle

After being hit, immediately try to see and identify the auto that did this to you and try to memorize its plate number, the auto brand, model, its color, and the direction it went. Attempt to keep in mind as much info as you could about the driver and the auto. Write this information down as quickly as possible because you may forget these essential details in the heat of the moment. Make sure to give that information over to the authorities and your car accident injury lawyer

Ask For Medical Help

If you sustained injuries, request aid and support from other onlookers, or if there are none, call 911 and ask them to send an ambulance to take you to the hospital. Even if you cannot see or feel any injury, go to the hospital. In some cases, injuries sustained in auto accidents aren’t evident at first, but you must be looked into for your wellness and have evidence of injuries. Check to see if the passenger has additionally suffered swellings and injuries and accompany them to the hospital.

Locate Any Witnesses And Then Get Their Names And Contact Details

Witnesses might have information essential to the case. They might have seen the vehicle or even gotten the license plate number. You may be more upset than the spectators or witnesses or potentially be in shock, and witnesses might be able to provide more accurate information to the authorities. This will also help your insurance company and your car accident injury lawyer thoroughly investigate the accident.

Call The Police

It is essential to file a police report. The police should have all the information to assist in finding the culprit in the vehicle mishap. A police report is a sworn statement that the insurance company will take extremely seriously. It is imperative to have an accurate report which can be done by one of two means. Either the authorities come out and take all the required details, or you could go to the closest police station and submit a report. A report is important evidence for your case.

A car accident injury attorney could encourage you to continue protecting and maximizing your legal rights and interests if you have been involved in a hit-and-run vehicle accident.

Be aware that a hit-and-run accident is a significant offense. Retaining a skilled car accident injury lawyer is highly encouraged as state laws and other issues develop when a hit-and-run accident occurs. Hiring a competent car accident injury lawyer is crucial for understanding the laws in your state and everything involved in the process.

You may incur monetary losses in a hit-and-run car mishap, including:

  • Hospital bills
  • Doctor fees, and
  • Lost income if you can not work

You are also entitled to financial payment for non-monetary losses. These damages include the loss of capacity to engage in tasks due to injuries, pain, and suffering. To be fully compensated for your losses, you have to hire a car accident injury lawyer.

Pick A Car Accident Injury Lawyer Who Focuses On Automobile Accidents And Is Experienced In Car Mishap Litigation

Contact your attorney immediately to prevent unneeded delay. Keep in mind that the statute of limitation demands that you file your complaint only within the specified duration. A car crash injury lawyer has the experience, legal understanding, and access to investigators to help you get the compensation you are worthy of. A lawyer can help you receive all the monetary compensation you deserve, including damages for your future and present medical bills, automobile repairs, loss of earnings, and, sometimes, pain and suffering. When the other driver can’t be found, settlement can be still be pursued with other sources.

Do Not Speak To Anybody Other Than Your Automobile Accident Lawyer

Statements made to anybody, including other insurance adjusters, can be held as proof against you. An attorney understands the legal system and knows the games insurance companies play. Insurance companies do not want to pay out money and try to get you the lowest settlement they can. A car accident injury lawyer works for you and has your best interests in mind throughout this challenging and demanding circumstance.

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