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Teenagers look forward to driving as it represents another step towards independence. However, driving is also a serious responsibility that demands a teenager to practice caution when learning to drive. For this reason, the following tips are offered to help keep teenagers safe when they begin driving on their own.

Teen Drivers Involved in Fatal Crashes at Four Times The Rate of Adult Drivers

So that’s an alarming title. Are teen drivers really involved in crashes in which someone dies at a rate four times as much as adult drivers? According to one insurer in a newsletter piece, that’s the case. Using its recent research and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the insurer shared the most common mistakes that can result in a crash.

According to the insurer, serious errors by teen drivers caused seventy-five percent of the fatal crashes they were involved in. And what were those mistakes?

  • The teen driver didn’t scan the road to look out for hazards and wasn’t able to respond when hazards arose;
  • The teen driver was driving too fast for the conditions present on the road. Driving too fast meant the driver didn’t have time to respond to what other drivers on the road were doing. Driving too fast also meant the driver couldn’t negotiate a curve.
  • The teen driver was distracted by something in the vehicle or outside of it.

According to research, there were more than 30,000 car accidents in the United States in 2009. The number of car accidents has increased over the past two years. Many factors affect this, and the number of teenage drivers on the road is definitely a determining factor. Teenagers are much more likely to get in a car crash, as well as elderly drivers.

There’s an old saying, “a little knowledge goes a long way.” Help your young driver go a long, safe way throughout a lifetime of driving by giving your teen some driving tips now.

Turn Off The Phone

Laws are beginning to catch up with technology like cell phones while driving is currently being banned in more places. However, even if using a cell phone is not illegal while driving, teenagers should turn off their phones to avoid distraction.

Limit Distractions

Cell phones are not the only type of distraction that can occur when a teenager is driving. Eating, listening to music, and drinking can make it difficult for teenagers to focus on the road. There are many incidences when a car accident attorney has handled cases from people being too distracted to drive.

No Texting

It can be tempting for teenagers to send a quick text while at a stop sign or traffic light. However, even the few seconds it takes to send a text are critical for avoiding an accident. For this reason, teenagers should be encouraged to pull into a parking lot and turn their vehicles off before sending a text. This simple act can go a long way toward saving their life.

Limit Passengers

Teenagers love to take their friends along to school functions, dates, and other events. However, having passengers is a large factor in many teenage wrecks. For this reason, a teenager should strive to drive alone or limit their car to only one passenger at a time.

Follow The Speed Limit

Driving at high speeds is a major cause of traffic accidents. Therefore, obeying the speed limit can reduce a teenager’s risk of being in a wreck. This is especially important when driving in hazardous conditions like inclement weather and construction or traveling on an unfamiliar road.

Keep Emergency Supplies

Even when a teenager is a safe driver, emergencies can always arise. For this reason, it is important to keep a first aid kit, emergency signs, and tools to handle basic repairs in a car where a teenager can get to them quickly.

Drive a Safe Car

It is always important to drive a car that is well-maintained and can pass a safety inspection. By ensuring that all safety features work, such as turning lights and brakes, a teenager will be less likely to be involved in a serious accident.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

If your teen has been injured or wrongfully killed in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact our car accident attorneys. We will be more than happy to assist you with your claim during a free consultation. Please feel free to look through our blog for more information on car accident claims if you need immediate assistance.

Following a car accident, thеrе аrе always numerous decisions tο mаkе, paperwork tο bе handled, аnd οthеr car accident-related headaches. Yοur auto accident attorney ѕhοuld nοt bе уеt another car accident headache tο contend wіth. It’s a far сry frοm a walk іn thе park tο file аn auto accident lawsuit following a devastating car accident, аnd уour attorney ѕhould bе аblе tο handle mοѕt things without having tο hound уοu.

Once thе facts οf thе car accident аrе collected аnd thе attorney hаѕ bееn аblе tο file οn уοur behalf, уou ѕhould bе аblе tο turn уour attention back tο οthеr pressing matters such аѕ уour health аnd thе health οf уour lονеd ones. Quality updates аnd informative matters аrе οf course essential, bυt a high-quality attorney іѕ going tο bе аblе tο handle mοѕt things thаt evolve frοm thе case wіth a simple phone call аnd hіѕ οr hеr best wishes fοr a speedy recovery.

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