Month: October 2022

Mistakes After a Hit and Run Accident

Mistakes After a Hit and Run Accident hit and run accident

A common mistake is that victims of hit-and-run accidents fail to retain a lawyer. They assume that they can handle the situation without a lawyer, but it is essential to have legal representation to protect your interests. Without legal help, you may be forced to face even more severe consequences. Avoiding saying you’re okay after […]

Major Oil Refinery Explosions

Major Oil Refinery Explosions oil refinery

Refining our knowledge of the past is critical to preventing similar disasters from happening again. While many refinery accidents are avoidable, some are especially horrific. Refinery fires and explosions can have catastrophic consequences, and they can cause significant damage to communities. Fortunately, these unfortunate incidents are rare. Here are three examples of US refinery fires […]

Myths About Public Transportation

Myths About Public Transportation Public Transportation

Rail transit is a blight on the economy Using public transit is an excellent way to save money. It reduces automobile use and improves air quality. It also saves time: transit saves all households an average of seventy-five minutes per trip, and households that use rail transit save $342 million yearly in auto expenditures. It […]

Accidents Caused by Unsecured Cargo

Accidents Caused by Unsecured Cargo accidents

Unsecured cargo can cause damage to vehicles, including yours. These cargo pieces often fall off tractor-trailers, causing accidents. This article explores what to do if you’ve had an accident caused by unsecured cargo and who to contact if you’ve had damage done to your vehicle. Unsecured cargo can cause damage A car laden with unsecured […]

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