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A car accident can happen at any time. No matter how many precautions you take and how good of a driver you pride yourself on being, it is still possible for you to collide with another vehicle. When this happens, you must respond decisively. It will take you some time to recover your health, but as you regain your strength you should begin the process of claiming compensation.

Getting compensation after an accident is grounded in your rights as a citizen. Tort law consists of codes and regulations that lay out the rights of individuals to claim damages when they have been injured, defrauded, or unduly violated in any way. If the collision you were involved in owes to the recklessness of a Favor driver, you may have a case against them. Speaking with a Favor driver accident attorney in Houston can help you determine that.

Who Pays?

In most instances, the Favor driver whose poor, illegal, and erratic driving caused the accident and your physical suffering will not be made to pay for your medical bills and lost income. This burden will be placed on the Favor driver’s insurance company. You will have a hard time getting your own insurance company to honor the terms of your policy agreement. Dealing with the Favor driver’s insurance company will be even more difficult.

You will nevertheless need to turn to them. Your insurance company is unlikely to cover the expenses of an accident that was caused by another party. You must therefore make up your mind to compel the other insurance company to pay you every penny you are entitled to.

Why All Injuries Are Not Equal

The worse your injuries, the more you will be entitled to claim. This is obvious. However, there are distinctions and differences even among the worst kinds of injuries. Here are some examples:

  • Head and spinal cord injuries
  • Lower extremity injuries
  • Internal injuries
  1. Head and spinal cord injuries

The violent impact of the crash can throw you against the dashboard, steering wheel, and other passengers. A concussion—the violent shaking of the brain in the skull—is the most common result of such an impact. But it is possible to suffer injuries that are much worse.

If you hit another hard object hard enough, you can fracture your skull. A concussion can be healed with time and bed rest. If your skull has been fractured, you will need to undergo extensive surgery followed up by a long period of recovery and the taking of medication.

A damaged or severed spinal cord is among the worst kinds of injuries that any accident victim can suffer. If there has been a shock to your spinal cord, it may take some time for medical experts to determine the long-term impact it will have on your health.

In other words, you may need to spend months in a specialist medical facility to observe and evaluate your condition. Only then will it be possible for doctors to establish an effective treatment. This kind of injury can take years to resolve. All the time the medical bills will be piling up and you will be without the income to pay.

If your spinal cord was irreversibly damaged in the accident, you will be forced to adopt an entirely different life. Even if your job does not require much physical activity, you may not be able to return to it straight away. You will certainly need to make changes to your home so that you can get around in it.

A loved one may need to give up their work to help care for you and you will need to bring in full-time health care professionals to look after your daily medical needs. Not even people who are financially well-off can afford the money required to make such changes. This kind of cash must come from an insurance company.

  1. Lower extremity injuries

The bones in your legs, knees, and feet can suffer anything from serious bruising to serious fracturing. It is not unheard of for people to have their legs and feet completely crushed in a high-speed head-on collision.

If the worst happens, the body does have the ability to heal itself. However, surgical intervention may be required to prevent or minimize long-term disability. In any case, you will need to spend months on your back in order to let your body heal. You will also need to go through a rehabilitation program to regain mobility. You will also need to take medication for the pain.

Some lower extremity injuries cannot be decisively healed. If you are left with a permanent disability, you may be forced to give up your livelihood. This is not something you should be left to cope with on your own.

  1. Internal injuries

Not all injuries are immediately visible. The impact of a collision can put parts of your body in violent contact with parts of the car. Injuries to your kidneys, liver, stomach, and other organs are serious. You may start to bleed internally because of an accident, which requires immediate care and attention.

If the injury is grave enough, you may require more than one operation to get the damaged organ working again. This kind of injury can cost considerable amounts of money to treat. It can also keep you out of work for a long period of time.

When Should You Hire a Favor Driver Accident Attorney?

The short answer to this question is immediately—or, as soon as you feel well enough to think, speak, and carry on a discussion with a Favor driver accident attorney in Houston. The sooner you make a claim, the better your chances of getting a settlement that is fair and adequate.

You should also avoid speaking to anyone, aside from your family, about your case until you have contacted a lawyer. And you should never deal directly with the insurance company. You should neither accept nor reject any offers made to you. You must leave all communication, correspondence, and negotiation with your attorney.

What You Should Expect from Your Favor Driver Accident Lawyer

We exist to get justice for ordinary people. You should expect your Favor driver accident lawyer to listen to your story with compassion and respect. But in the end, the primary aim of your lawyer is to get your money. Your Favor driver accident lawyer will ask you questions designed to establish and make firm your case against the insurance company.

Your Favor driver accident attorney will also launch an independent investigation into the causes and circumstances of the accident. Getting the money you need from the insurance company of the other driver hinges on your attorney’s ability to prove recklessness and misconduct. To that end, your lawyer will send professional investigators of their own to re-interview witnesses and find other people who may have seen the accident unfold.

Your lawyer will also employ forensic professionals who can use the evidence at the crash site to recreate how it occurred. Your attorney will also get statements from the medical professionals who have you under their care. They will provide convincing proof of the seriousness of your injuries and the extent to which they will prevent you from working and earning a living.

Joe I. Zaid & Associates have the legal insight and negotiation skills to help you get the monetary damages you deserve. We can help you reclaim your life after a terrible accident.

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