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Unintentional attacks from domestic or exotic animals are significant concerns that make seeking animal attack lawsuit funds necessary. Those who have experienced animal attacks, mainly attacks from big cats, can file a suit against the owner.

These attacks may be seen in zoos by caged animals, local streets by stray animals, or within the neighborhood by a neighbor’s pet. Attacks of this nature are a concern for the critical conditions of the victim, and in severe cases, the mortality rate of victims.

Injuries from big cats can be terrifying and painful, causing long-term physical and emotional trauma. Many times, these injuries are the result of the negligence of the big cat’s owner. However, victims of injuries from big cats can receive compensation.

Have You Suffered an Injury From a Big Cat?

Injuries from big cats include bites or attacks. They can also involve auto accidents where your vehicle strikes livestock, deer, or another large animal, particularly a big cat. A vast number of them are caused by negligence on the part of the animal’s owner.

Common injuries include:

  • Head, face, body, back, or limb injuries
  • Bite infection
  • Internal organ damage
  • Broken bones, sprains, strains, torn muscles
  • Brain and nervous system trauma

What Are The Results of Injuries From Big Cats?

Victims of injuries from big cats can suffer a broad spectrum of negative outcomes. From the loss of mobility to brain damage, their lives can be dramatically altered.

Perhaps worst of all, victims of injuries from big cats suffer emotional trauma for years after. Moreover, medical treatment and therapy can be expensive and time-consuming.

What Should You Do if You Have an Injury From a Big Cat?

After seeking primary medical care, call Joe I. Zaid & Associates, exotic animal injury lawyers, immediately.

Our attorneys specialize in obtaining compensation for victims of injuries from big cats and will give you a free case consultation.

When and How to File an Animal Attack Lawsuit

These animal attack lawsuit funds are usually in the form of a settlement fund. This fund is generally given to the victim of the big cat animal attack while waiting for the final settlement on the animal attack lawsuit. Animal attack lawsuit funds are a big help for the treatment and complete recovery of the victim.

Animal attack lawsuits can be filed as soon as the incident happened. The owner of the animal who attacked someone will be liable for this incident. Even the law requires that the owner of the animal be held responsible for their pet’s actions, especially when a big cat caused the attack.

Here are some instances that will hold the owner liable for animal attacks:

  1. If the animal attack is proven to be unprovoked and, as a result, led to an unfortunate incident.
  2. Another is if the owner cannot provide a cage to hold the animal or even tie it to prevent it from going outside of the house.

Also, the big cat owner will be liable for any attacks if they cannot put a warning sign regarding the animal’s presence on the front door or any conspicuous space that will help any visitor become aware.

The owner will most of all be held liable for an animal attack if he/she has been proven not to provide proper training to the animal despite its violent behavior. Animals that are not trained or improperly trained will indeed attack anyone.

To file an animal attack lawsuit, here are essential protocols to follow:

  1. When one is severely attacked by an animal, immediately seek medical attention.
  2. Collect doctor’s reports regarding the incident and findings of the consultation to be used as evidence of an animal attack.
  3. It is essential to take pictures of the injuries obtained from the animal attack because these may also serve as evidence for your claims.
  4. Then, report the incident immediately to the proper authorities. It is essential to file a report as early as the incident happened to keep the investigation results updated.
  5. Finally, you must secure the contact numbers, the whereabouts, and the address of the animal’s owner.

Be sure to inform the owner of the incident and ask for any assistance you need. If the owner refuses to settle the matter with you, immediately look for a lawyer that will help you out in the lawsuit.

You may ask for animal attack lawsuit funds for medical expenses on treatment and cost for physical therapy and other treatments. You may also ask for assistance on expenses that you will need during your recovery.

Hire an Exotic Animal Injury Lawyer

Animal attacks can cause unlikely situations for victims. Some are even fatal, causing the death of the victim. In addition, most animal attacks from big cats cause trauma and physical disability to the victim.

Animal attacks from big cats are most likely due to the negligence of the owners. This is the main reason why owners of the animals who made the attack are usually held liable for the unfortunate incident. This should be a lesson to every animal owner to be watchful and tame their pet animals not to cause harm to others.

Filing a lawsuit is not easy and takes an extended amount of time. So it is essential to get help by seeking an exotic animal injury lawyer. Your attorney will gather important information on the incident and prove that the owner of the big cat was negligent in the attack.

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