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If you have been injured, you deserve a fair settlement that will help get your life back to normal without losing financial resources for someone else’s mistake. After an injury, you may face immediate problems, such as rehabilitation costs or requiring time off work. It can often be tempting to fight a settlement case without the guidance of a lawyer to avoid legal fees. However, personal injury lawyers can optimize your settlement and get everything you deserve.

Here are 9 helpful tips for finding the best lawyer for your particular situation.

Choose a lawyer that:

  1. Has recommendations & referrals
  2. Is honest & trustworthy
  3. Knows what your case is worth
  4. Is affordable
  5. Has experience
  6. Provides fair & equal representation
  7. Will be objective in your case and consider all factors
  8. Has experience with insurance companies
  9. Is motivated to help you

Recommendations & Referrals

One effortless way you can get recommendations and referrals is from friends and family, neighbors, acquaintances, or even real estate agents. Someone you know may have heard about a lawyer or law firm in the past. They, likewise, may have been pleased with the services and the outcome.

Word of mouth is a great and powerful way to do such things. Someone may give glowing references, or someone may warn you to stay clear of a particular company. Either way, the information is beneficial.

An online search from past clients can also be helpful since many people leave testimonials or reviews.

Honest & Trustworthy

Remember that many good law firms will offer free consultation. During this meeting, you can get a sense or gut feeling about the lawyer. You may get the feeling that the lawyer is honest and trustworthy, and you may overall get a good feeling about the lawyer.

Trust your instinct. When you go for a consultation, look for whether the lawyer is detail-oriented, confident, and well-spoken.

Again, trust your instincts; if their personality clashes with yours or you get the ‘feeling’ that something isn’t right, move on.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows What Your Claim is Worth

Through ample experience, research, and awareness of the situation, a personal injury lawyer knows what your claim is financially worth and will begin their negotiation at or above the settlement level it deserves.

Often, if you are defending yourself, you are unaware of the financial cost and the factors that create the value of the settlement and will under negotiate, resulting in an early resolution and unfair settlement.


While you may want to get the best lawyer to give you the best chance, you also need to be practical. Hire a lawyer that you can afford.

Remember, you may need to consult with several lawyers, not just one. Ask about their fees or fee structure.

How often can they meet with you? Now is the time to get all this information. If cost is a significant factor, try to find the right price so that the lawyer is affordable and compassionate.


Experience is an essential factor. It would be best if you found a good, experienced lawyer, but one whose experience has to do with whatever your case is about.

For a slip and fall, you need a lawyer experienced in this; for suing someone as a result of a car accident, you need a car accident lawyer, and so on. This is crucial for your success, so make sure you get this right.

Remember, you have either researched (or are going to) the lawyer, so you will know if they have an excellent track record.

A word of warning, do not hire a lawyer who is a relative or a friend.

Though it can seem very tempting, if possible, refrain from doing so. There may be a conflict of interest, and it could also end up being more casual and non-professional. This is not something you want. Besides, the lawyer that is your friend or family member may not be experienced with your issue.

Provide Fair and Equal Representation

It can be challenging to defend yourself and your situation against a well-equipped legal team, as they will use negotiation and research tactics that you may not be aware of.

An experienced personal injury lawyer is trained to counteract these negotiations and will use their research tools to develop a fair case for you.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will provide you with honest and equal representation throughout your entire case.


It is difficult to remain emotionally detached from the case after an injury. To stay professional, negotiate clearly, and consider all aspects of a situation, you need to remove all emotional considerations from the case.

A personal injury lawyer will be objective to the problem and consider all factors, including your emotions, to create the best case for you.

Experience with Insurance Companies

Lawyers have ample experience negotiating with and understanding insurance companies. It is best if your lawsuit is dealt directly with an insurance company rather than the at-fault individual or their lawyer.

Insurance companies often have a large legal team, complicated settlements, and the motivation to reduce costs as much as possible.

A lawyer is better suited for these types of negotiations. They have the experience and knowledge to counteract any negotiation or offer from a well-equipped insurance company.

Attorneys are Motivated to Help You

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only get paid if you receive a settlement. The percentage, which will be owed to the lawyer, is agreed upon before they begin to build your case.

As they are motivated to maximize their financial gain, they will simultaneously maximize your settlement.

This can help ensure that you are not wasting financial resources on legal fees, as your attorney will not be paid until you receive your compensation.

Financial motivation is a great tool to keep your lawyer inspired to winning and optimizing your case.

Personal injury lawyers are motivated to fight for the settlement you deserve after an accident. Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable, and driven to win.

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During payment, you need to remain professional, know your goals, and be prepared for negotiation. This can be difficult to do after an accident. You have emotional, physical, and financial factors to consider; a personal injury lawyer will keep you on track during the entire settlement process.

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